Our property developments mainly completed in Rhône-Alpes


Villes et Villages Créations has been involved in property development promotion in Rhône-Alpes for over 20 years, producing distinctive property developments with a customised architectural approach and landscape integration, both in urban and rural settings.

Port-Royal ÉVIAN-LES-BAINS (74)

A luxury new property development programme in Évian les Bains, in an exceptional location in the heart of the town, just above the harbour and a two-minute walk from the baths.

Seysâme SEYSSINS (38)

The main purpose of SEYSÂME is to offer a luxury new development that matches the exceptional quality of the site, in a haven of greenery in the heart of the village of Seyssins.


Located in Moëns, to the east of Prévessin-Moëns, this new-build programme is very close to Geneva. The plot is in the heart of a residential area solely featuring detached houses.

Pré-Vert CHEVRY • ST-GENIS (01)

Traditional architecture, high-comfort fixtures and fittings, generous surface areas, energy saving features… This new development in the Pays de Gex has everything to attract families looking for the quiet of the countryside without distancing themselves from Geneva.

H2OME Divonne-les-Bains (01)

Located close to Geneva, H2OME is a development featuring contemporary architecture in a very quiet area of Divonne-les- Bains. This luxury new-build development was awarded the Trophée National de L’Esthétique Immobilière in 2013.

Maison Joya Grenoble (38)

In the heart of the friendly Saint-Bruno district of Grenoble, the Maison Joya is a unique property development in Grenoble, comprising the construction of a new building and renovation of a historic 19th-century building awarded the “Isère Heritage” label.

Les Chlorophylles Mery (73)

A property development located in Méry (Savoie), close to Chambéry and Aix-Les-Bains, Les Chlorophylles is a haven of peace in the countryside. The architect designed the development like a small village, with green areas, small squares and pedestrian pathways.

Les Bastides Châble-Beaumont (74)

Incredibly well located in an area of dynamic economic activity, this development project blends into the entrance to the village of Châble-Beaumont with architecture that focuses on aesthetics and the building of a development that respects the environment.

La Cour des Loges Grenoble (38)

Following on from its first successful renovation of the Caserne de Bonne, the promoter Villes et Villages Créations also constructed 36 new apartments in the historic wing that overlooks the shopping gallery to the north and the park to the south.

Le Latino Saint-Martin-le-Vinoux (38)

A property development project for student accommodation located in Saint-Martin-le-Vinoux, on the outskirts of Grenoble. This development was designed and built to facilitate Scellier investments, whilst offering quality apartments for future tenants.

Le Cap Vert Grenoble (38)

This property development programme, comprising solely of small, new apartments, has been very successful with investors and is now highly sought-after by students due to the quality and location.

Le Phare Grenoble (38)

This office building houses the headquarters of Villes et Villages Créations, some General Council departments and a range of companies.

Le Bord du Parc L’Isle d’Abeau (38)

Construction of a group of three small units containing 86 new housing units on the edge of Saint-Hubert Park and a short distance from the historic village of L’Isle d’Abeau A property development that attracted first-time buyers and investors.

Les Jardins de Majorelle Craponne (69)

The developers Villes et Villages Créations chose the name “Les Jardins de Majorelle” as this is an oasis in the village centre. With just 25 housing units located in a garden, this new development provides a peaceful atmosphere.

L’Orée du Fort Francheville (69)

L’Orée du Fort is a property development located in a residential district of detached houses and small co-ownerships. Local residents were consulted under the aegis of the Town Hall, ensuring the developer proposed an architectural style in keeping with the village.

Le Mikado Grenoble (38)

In a new district of Grenoble located between Avenue Jean-Perrot and the Maison de la Culture, the Grenoble property developer Villes et Villages Créations produced a new development of high environmental quality in accordance with the directives of the architectural tender.

Le Mozaïk Vaulx-en-Velin (69)

The property developer Villes et Villages Créations constructed attractive new housing in Vaulx-en-Velin in a privileged location close to the village, in a quiet residential district, near the shops, schools and public transport.

Les Allées de Provence Montélimar (26)

In magnificent parkland just a few minutes from Montélimar town centre, the developer Villes et Villages Créations produced the first phase of the Allées de Provence property development programme with 54 luxury residential apartments.

Le Domaine de la Praly Meylan (38)

A resolutely contemporary creation, overlooking extensive, private parkland. Le Domaine de la Praly in Meylan is a property development that provides unprecedented and exceptional levels of fixtures and fittings, striking a perfect balance between nature and quality of housing.

Le Carré Mansart Grenoble (38)

Enter the courtyard of honour! Located in Grenoble city centre, everybody admires this renovation of the historic building of the Caserne de Bonne, converting it into a luxury development respecting the spirit of the site.

Le Domaine du Bois de Serres Dardilly (69)

An outstanding new development, ideally situated very close to Dardilly village at the gateway to the countryside. Villes et Villages Créations signed the construction of beautiful villas with gardens in fully landscaped, private grounds.

Sud Tendance Grenoble (38)

In the new Vigny-Musset district to the south of Grenoble, Villes et Villages Créations, a local independent property developer, has created a development featuring highly contemporary architecture, focusing on construction for a sustainable environment.

Le Manoir du Bourg Tassin la Demi-Lune (69)

On an outstanding site in Tassin la Demi-Lune, the property developer Villes et Villages Créations has created a luxury residence featuring new housing and an environment to match the unprecedented quality of the site.

Le Domaine des Aulnes Montélimar (26)

Le Domaine des Aulnes is a vast property development project that has created a new residential district in Montélimar, striking a balance between small apartment blocks and detached houses with gardens.

Le Domaine de la Petite Saône Sassenage (38)

Le Domaine de la Petite Saône is a large-scale development project, creating a new neighbourhood in Sassenage on the outskirts of Grenoble, with numerous housing units and green areas. An impressive reference for Grenoble promoters Villes et Villages Créations.

Les Terrasses de Manon Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon (69)

A new, quality property development in secured, private gardens in Sainte-Foy, close to Lyon. This programme, which blends into the tranquillity of the neighbourhood, features two small apartment blocks and high-quality fixtures and fittings.

Villa Sully Écully (69)

Located in attractive Ecully on the outskirts of Lyon, “Villa Sully” is a new, luxury development that rapidly found purchasers when the apartments were put on the market.

Les Rives du Borne Bonneville (74)

A property development built in Bonneville, between Geneva, Annecy and Chamonix, on the banks of the Borne in a residential area close to the town centre. The construction of 24 new apartments in two units and 14 detached villas.

Les Tonnelles du Grésivaudan Chapareillan (38)

Located on a highly attractive plot in the centre of Chapareillan village, this property development received an award at the Biennale of Sustainable Housing in Grenoble for its design and construction in line with a sustainable environmental approach.

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New-build developments

O'Rêve (01)

Prélude (01)

Le Praz du Fier (74)

Le Verseau (01)

L'Atriôm (01)

La Croisée (74)

Le Zéphir (74)

Ô’PORT (74)