Grenoble developer, construction and sustainable housing

Who are we?

Founded and based in Grenoble, Villes et Villages Créations fosters an iconoclastic vision of property development. The building of sustainable housing, together with the comfort of purchasers and respect for the environment, guide our team in their work carrying out meaningful projects.

Villes et Villages Créations

For a secure and sustainable heritage of value

Buying a property is often the investment of a lifetime. Whether it is to live in the dwelling or to build a patrimony, the quality of the site, the quality of the construction, the durability of the equipments, the technological and energetic choices constitute the intrinsic value of an apartment or a house, by the standards of several decades.

Villes et Villages Créations has always designed and implemented its real estate projects with this long-term heritage vision. Building durable and secure assets for years to come is the commitment that only a regional, independent and human-sized developer can guarantee. At the local level,”reputation” is key to gaining trust.

This promise is also addressed to decision-makers, town halls and local authorities. Villes et Villages Créations is a responsible company that commits itself to the construction of new housing units needed in the territories but respecting the sites, with projects that integrate into the landscape and respect the balance, both social and environmental.

Design, innovations, technologies and landscapes…

Roads, green spaces, entrance hall, common spaces, security equipment, interior home automation, heating system, energy saving, floor and wall finishes, carpentry, locksmithing… Every detail of a project builds its identity, its level of quality, well-being and wellbeing for the inhabitants.

From conception to realization, we take care of the details to make the difference…

Our organisation

Property development is team work.

Villes et Villages Créations covers all areas of expertise to ensure the successful completion of its property development programmes.

Human relationships and professional skills are the keywords that guide our managers in their daily work to “orchestrate” property development projects, aiming at excellence for both customers and investors.

What is property development?

Decision level: the project owner

Search for land, feasibility studies, supervising administrative issues… the project owner manages the development project to ensure all requirements and constraints are met, whether social, town planning, architectural, functional, technical, economic and legal, as well as making sure the development blends into the landscape and protects the environment. The project owner needs to have all the required technical and scientific expertise to hand to prepare, supervise and conduct the study, including expertise from economists, design offices, technical inspection services and health and safety specialists. It is the project owner that controls the budget, ensures sufficient funds and chooses the project manager…

Design level: the architects

The architects are responsible for the design and completion of the development project on behalf of the project owner. They have overall responsibility for the technical quality, deadlines and costs.

Coordination level: the project manager

The project manager is responsible for calls for tender and signs contracts with the companies that are going to build the development. They are in charge of monitoring the work (deadlines, quality, labour regulations and health and safety), drafting weekly progress reports. The project manager accepts and then delivers the completed properties to purchasers.

Construction level: the contracted companies

These are chosen according to their accreditation, ability to work to deadlines, realistic quotations and their situation with regard to professional liability insurance and mandatory 10-year guarantees.

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New-build developments

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